Pix-O-Sphere Photo Contest!

Pix-O-Sphere is having a photo contest! I'm doing the 'People' category.

This is a picture of my friend Brittany(:

Girl thinking by monica_june, on Pix-O-Sphere

Hope you can come and join in on the fun! :D


Bath time...

So I woke up today *hoping* for a good day, when Gina comes in and says, Missy threw up in her cage..*Sigh* So I get up right away and go outside to check on her. I come to see that my poor kitty cat is slipping around in it, pushing her paws through the fence and meowing as loud as she can, my poor baby): So I come inside to get a towel and go and take her out of her cat carrier and bring her inside.

I walk into the bathroom to see how badly she is covered in it....she needs a bath..ohh boy. As I think this through in my head I know she needs one but cats HATE water! As I turn on the bath water and put her in, she starts lapping up the water in the tub. I go and get her all wet and clean the 'stuff' off of her and surprisingly, lets me! She wasn't meowing or scratching at all, only flinched a few times. When I was done I took her out and was drying her off with the towel, brushing her fur with the cat brush and I take out the blow dryer...I blew my hair with it and she then knew it was alright. So I put it on low, warm heat and start to blow dry her fur while I brush her. She doesn't mind it at all. :P I finally finish, dry her tummy off and carry her out with the towel like a little baby. She has been inside being a good little kitty and getting to know the doggies and Fiona. Her and Fiona don't get along to well, I think Fiona is trying to make clear to Missy, that she is the boss of this house and is the favorite. LOL. After that whole crazy day for her, Missy is now sleeping on the couch stool, with Lady. I hope this experience doesn't happen again.. :P


New kitty cat!!

So last Saturday (11.13.10) I come home from the mall to a black kitty just hanging out by our rose bushes. She was insanely skinny and obviously starving! So, I fed her and adopted her as my own. I named her Missy. She is sooo cute!(:

*Missy and I*

She has been such a good companion to me. I am going to get her shots on December, 4th which is the first Saturday of next month. What's so special about that day, you ask? Well there is a discount on animal's shots. Less than $20 for the first time. I'm going to have to earn some money to keep her, and that is what I plan on doing. I'm thinking about raking people's yards for money. I hope this all works out well!


$250 Giveaway Series

As we all know, the holidays are coming and what better way to spice things up, then to smell the holiday! That's right the scent of the wonderful holiday is being given away in candle form, perfumes, lotions, hand sanitizers, and so much more! Head on over to The Homespun Life and enter in to win over $250 in giveaway items!!

The Days of Fall~

Autumn by parrettfive, on Pix-O-Sphere
In the chilly days of fall I look upon many beautiful colors. Warm orange, the exciting yellow, peaceful brown, and the sharp red fills trees near and far. Trees many different sizes and shapes I see all around my. Some as tall as light posts and others that measure up to your house. Pumpkin patches scattered around the outskirts of town. Many activities in the wonderful place. Corn mazes, hay rides, hide-n-go seek, and horse back riding. I enjoy going to this magnificent place. As the moon falls into place, the drizzling rain comes down one by one so gently. Ah, the sweet smell of rain in the fall. Leaves blow in the cold wind and rain drops into the ground makes me know what season has begun.

~Monica J.


So my Non&Poppop came to visit a few weeks ago (left already) and they bought the new iPad! I love it so very much. It's so handy and easy to use! I can just see myself going to my local Starbucks with it and sitting down in a very comfortable chair, with my feet up and a hot Cinnamon Dulche Latte with whip. Listening to Mela Kamin's song, "Surrounded By Your Love". *Sigh* yes, yes that would be very wonderful. Oh me..oh my..I actually came upon a lady's blog and she is having a GIVEAWAY for an iPad! Praise you, Carolyn! Click here! I pray I win! *crosses fingers!*

Blog with you later!(:

Autumn outift: Forever 21

OhEmGee, I can't believe Autumn is already here! Well, for where I am it's already here. I love this time of year. The colors and all the cute clothes. So we have warmer clothes and lower colors for the season.

Tie Front Cardigan-$19.80

Colored Buttons Silk Skirt-$24.80

Colored Buttons Silk Skirt-$24.80

Ruched Zipper Leggings-$22.80 (just the leggings)

Heart Printer Tennis Shoes-$9.80

Rosette Beanie-$4.80

Tri Striped Scarf-$7.80

Total amount: $110.05 *not including sales tax.*


I contributed at..

Hannah Braboy's website! I'm doing a fashion outfit on there every Thursday. I do hope you check it out!!!


Forever 21 Outfit

Here is an outfit I put together. Everything is from Forever 21